I am an eligible candidate and my name is not listed in the list of selected eligible students.

According to the eligibility criteria, minimum qualification is 60 % marks in the last exam in case of annual examination system and 70 % marks in the last exam in case of semester system, for the courses being administered in 120 institutions. If you still feel your name has been inadvertently left out, please contact your respective Principal of the College/Registrar of the University/Secretary of the Board, who shall communicate the same to HED, after due verification.

My institution is not listed in the laptop provision project.

All Autonomous Colleges with 4 year BS Degree program, Post Graduate Colleges with 2 year Master Degree Program, Home Economics Colleges, Medical Colleges, Engineering Universities, Medical University, Livestock University, Agriculture Universities and other Universities in the “Public Sector” qualify for inclusion into the laptop scheme. The list of 120 institutions is available here . If you still feel your institution ought to have been included in the list of eligible institutions, please contact the head of your institution, with the request to approach Higher Education Department, Govt. of the Punjab.